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Jacopo Mandich graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 2005. In 2015 attended the two-year specialist course at the Academy of Fine Arts  in Urbino and Turin. In 2017, he is one of the founders of the artistic collective Bastione, (instagram association_bastione) based in Turin. In 2018, he is attending the sculpture masters at Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle University of Art and Design in Halle, Germany. 

The aim of his work is to capture, through a strong affinity with the material, the human sensibility, to reveal it through the use of our senses, which allow to evoke our common memory and to make our emotions emerge. The sculptures then act as revelators of forces that run through us and that remain largely invisible or elusive, like Jung's collective unconscious. The will to seize, by the matter, the human sensitivity, to question the evolution of a fragmented subject in a complex world is already present in the first works of Jacopo Mandich and his series "Alchemical forces " which, by the fusion of materials, (wood / metal) evoke the alchemical energies of our meetings with the others like with the world. This first researches lead him to develop the concept of etheric solidity, winding through the dualistic perception and its paradox, with the aim of reflecting on the perimeter of reality. His researches are currently focused on the idea of immersive environment and participatory installation.




  • 2021 elvolador,Faber art gallery, Rome, curated by Cristian Porretta

  • 2019 Levitatis  Bellum, Invisible Forces, Faber art gallery, Rome, curated by Cristian Porretta

  • 2019 Something, insitu installation, Conteporary Cluster, Rome  curated by Giacomo Guidi

  • 2019 Connessioni, Invisible Forces, insitu installation, Faber art gallery, Rome curated by Cristian Porretta

  • 2019 Jackal Project, Link Campus University,curated by Cristian Porretta

  • 2018 Resilienze Avverse, Onart gallery, Firenze, curated by Romina Sangiovanni

  • 2018 Senses, insitu installation, Evvivenoe art gallery, Torino, curated by Sara Merlino

  • 2016 Antinomie, insitu installation, Faber art gallery, Rome, curated by Cristian Porretta

  • 2016 Revelations, participatory installation, Varsi gallery, Rome, curated by Chiara Pietropaoli

  • 2014 Cosmogonie,Varsi gallery, Rome, curated by Marta Gargiullo

  • 2011 Erosion of the Times, gallery Love and Dissent, Rome, edited by Xilef Welner

  • 2006 Synergies, Museum E.Manucci, Arcevia, curated by G. Risidori



  • 2019 HUG 0.3 Mabos, Museo d'arte del Bosco della Sila, Catanzaro, Italy, curated by Yulia Shchepeleva

  • 2019 CRACK, Satka ,Russia, curated by Found Sobraine

  • 2017 Invisible Forces 0.8 Void, Castelsardo, Sardegna, Italy

  • 2017 Sezione Dinamica, Folignano, March, Italy

  • 2015 Skin of Celestial Body, Satka, Russia

  • 2013 untitled MAAM museum, Roma, Italy

  • 2012 The island of self, waterfront, Ostia, Italy




  • 2021 se non tocchino cade,collettivo artistico bastione, Villa Rey, Torino curated by associazione Bastione

  • 2020There is no wind on the moon, Contemporary Cluster, Rome, curated by Giacomo Guidi

  • 2019 Dissolvenze,  Museo della Diocesi, Padova, curated by Max Sabbion and Enrica Feltracco

  • 2019 LandLandLand Museo della Ceramica, Mondovì, italy, curated by Bastione S Maurizio

  • 2018 Young at Heart Old on the Skin, palazzo Lucarini, Trevi, curated by FrankoB

  • 2018 Shamal, Polo del 900, Torino, curated by Max Sabbion

  • 2017 Atto primo, Apotema-Bastione, Bastione S Maurizio, Torino, Italy, curated by Bastione S Maurizio

  • 2015 Ural Indsurtial Biennal of Contemporary Art

  • 2012 DEZIN IN, Paris, curated by Nezha Kandoussi, Clemence Soulat

  • 2010 20eventi Contemporary Art in Sabina, Church Fianello, curated by Alberto Tessore

  • 2010 Pomodoro Foundation, TAM , Pietrarubbia, curated by Jaqueline Ceresoli

  • 2009 People and places, The Architect’ s Gallery, curated by Architect’s Gallery London

  • 2009 Warnings Artistic, Museum of the Imperial Forums, Rome, organized by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture




  • 2019 #Atelier4, Macro Asilo, museo Macro, Roma, Italy , curated by Giogio de Finis

  • 2019 Contactless Mabos, Museo d'arte del Bosco della Sila, Catanzaro, italy, curated by Yulia Shchepeleva

  • 2017 intensive workshop performance, with the Artist FrankoB, time space nothing, Belgrade

  • 2015 Ural Indsurtial Biennal of Contemporary Art

  • 2014 ITALIAN-EAST, Ashram Jotinat, Corinaldo, edited by Fulvio Chimento

  • 2010 TAM, artistic treatment of metals, the Regional Training Centre of Excellence, by A.Pomodoro STAGE

  • 2014 intensive workshop performance, with the Artist Yahn Marussich, Youbiquity project, Macerata

  • 2010 artistic foundry Battaglia, Milan

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